Golden Knights to jump from a plane into Cape Girardeau

High-flying entertainment is set to soar over the Heartland for the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival.

The show features the Blue Angels, aerobatic pro Skip Stewart, Joe “Rifle” Shetterly, the Phillips 66 Aerostars, the Shockwave Jet Truck, custom cars and more.

(Source: U.S. Army Golden Knights)

The U.S. Army Golden Knights will kick off the festival both days.

This is a demonstration team of skydivers.

Yes, these “Knights” jump out of planes.

They’re well known for flying the American Flag at 12,000 ft. and landing center on a target.

The team consists of 26 members who travel around the United States, performing at various events in support of Army recruiting.

About the Golden Knights

Here are 12 things you might not know:

  • In 1959, nineteen Airborne Soldiers from various military units formed the Strategic Army Command Parachute Team (STRAC)
  • The original intent was to compete in the relatively new sport of skydiving.
  • The U.S. Army Team performed their first demonstration in Danville, Virginia.
  • By 1962, the team earned the nickname the “Golden Knights”.
  • “Golden” signified the gold medals the team had won while “Knights” alluded to the team’s ambition to conquer the skies.
  • The Golden Knights have conducted more than 16,000 shows in 50 states and 48 countries.
  • The team has earned the U.S. Army 2,148 gold, 1,117 silver, and 693 bronze medals in national and international competition.
  • Team members have also broken 348 world records.
  • The Golden Knights are one of only three Department of Defense-sanctioned aerial demonstration teams.
  • The team is composed of approximately 95 men and women.
  • The demonstration teams use five dedicated aircraft.
  • They perform at more than 100 events per year.

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See the Golden Knights when they jump from a plane at the Cape Girardeau Regional Air Festival.

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