Father’s Day fun in the Heartland: things to do with Dad

Grab your pole, and wait for a bite

June 16 is all about Dad.
Sure, you can buy or make him a card, but why not take him out on an adventure or two?
Here are five ideas to help you plan a day of fun for your dad.

Treat him to brunch

If Dad wants to sleep in, let him! Then take him out for brunch to start the day off right.

CLICK HERE for a closer look at places that offer brunch in the Heartland.

How to brunch like a pro

Go on a hike

Catch a great view and say hello to Mother Nature with a bucket list road trip to the St. Francois Mountains.

There you can hike to the tallest point in the state of Missouri, channel your inner circus animal, or cool off in a “natural water park.”

CLICK HERE for three places you and Dad can enjoy together.

Take him fishing

Grab a rod and a bucket of minnows and head to a pond or a lake!

We’d argue that Dad would love to do anything with you, and if he’s a fisherman, wetting a line together is just what he wants!

CLICK HERE for some fishing hot spots.

Grill together

If your Dad is the grill master, let him teach you how to do it.

Or, check out this tip to show him you learned from the best!

No matter what you decide to do, just soak up some quality time with your Dad. And remember: Father's Day is all about him. Let Dad choose what he'd like to do to enjoy with you (and maybe show him this list to narrow it down!).

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