Over the top: Guide to Heartland restaurants that are a little extra

One might argue they are in a league of their own

You've heard the phrase, bigger is always better.

To be honest, the Heartland has really embraced that idea. But here at Heartland Weekend we might argue over the top is even better.

That's why we've gone in search of places that are a little extra.

Extra Unique

This Heartland Weekend you can indulge in a meal we’d totally consider over the top. We traveled to Chaffee, Missouri, where Kenny’s Flippin Burgers is serving up creations that are in a category all of their own.

Here you’ll find as many as 24 different burgers. Some are wrapped in bacon and deep fried, and others use pancakes for buns.

Owner Jesse Stuart says they aren’t gourmet burgers, but they are definitely unique.

Stuart says Kenny’s Flippin Burgers is a restaurant they started in honor of his wife’s late father, Kenny. He was known for his quirky remarks and loved plain burgers – cheese, ketchup, and mustard, that’s it. That’s why the name of the diner is rather ironic.

“To us it’s just a funny gimmick towards him. Like all these off the wall burgers we get, he’d be like ‘Aww, I ain’t eating that flippin burger,’ you know that’s the attitude he had,” Stuart said.

CLICK HERE to see the burger they call, The Bomb.com.

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Extra Precise

Next on the list: a place where you might want to start your morning.

We’re talking about Dynamite Coffee where they go over and beyond to be extra precise.

Here, they roast all of their beans in house.

It’s a meticulous process owner Robbie Britt completes in small batches in order to preserve the taste.

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Extra cool

Southern Illinois is melting over rolled ice cream!

The craze actually took off in Thailand. Now, the extra cool treat is rolling into the Heartland at Mr Koolz Frozen Yogurt and More in Marion.

Owner Brent Gentry says he took a trip to New York where he first witnessed the magic.

He was convinced southern Illinois and the Heartland would melt over rolled ice cream.

And he was right! He was the first to bring the craze to the Heartland, and people have been lining up for it ever since.

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More to come!

In the meantime, do you know of a restaurant that is a little extra? We want to know! Send your best food pictures to cnews@kfvs12.com.

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