Elmwood Manor: Cape Girardeau’s historic “castle”

At the end of a winding forest trail, you'll find Elmwood Manor.

elmwood manor
Elmwood Manor

Chances are good you didn’t know Cape Girardeau is home to a manor modeled after Dalhousie Castle in Scotland.

Turns out, the 220-year-old building, dubbed Elmwood Manor, still stands at the end of a winding forest trail off Bloomfield Road.

The home was established in 1797 by Rebecca Ramsay Giboney and her husband Alexander.

dalhousie castle
Dalhousie Castle

Years and years ago, we’re talking at least 850 years, it was the Ramsay Clan that founded Dalhousie Castle in Scotland.

The Ramsays held possession of Dalhousie longer than any other family has retained possession of a castle in Scotland.

It’s no wonder Rebecca molded her home in Cape Girardeau after the now historic Scottish tourist spot. She had every reason to be proud of her heritage.

Elmwood Manor in Cape Girardeau houses 22 rooms.

But few can ever say they’ve seen the inside.

Carl Armstrong takes readers through Elmwood and untwines how it fits within the development of southeast Missouri in his new book “Elmwood’s 1,000 year Dalhousie Castle Legacy.” In his book, Elmwood explains how the castle relates to the story of Louis Lorimier, the Ramsays, the Giboneys, and the Louis Houck family.

You can purchase the book online, here.