Jackson woman inspires DIY creations as a way to honor her late son

Channel your inner artist at Dragonfly Designs

Custom vinyl, t-shirts, paint parties, DIY workshops… if you can find it on Pinterest, Dragonfly Designs can do it.

The faith based, family-first business is where you can find or design your own customized creations that are perfect for your home, your next gathering, or as a gift.

For owner Dani Dunn, this is her way to honor the life of her son, Aaron McKinney. In 2004, the two were in a terrible car accident. Aaron didn’t survive.

In order to keep his memory alive, Dani set out to inspire people not only through arts and crafts, but by sharing the story of her son.

When you sign up for a paint party at Dragonfly Designs, you won’t just create a beautiful piece by hand. You’ll leave there encouarged to take on life as if each moment matters.

To hear Dani’s story for yourself and tap into your inner artist, sign up for a paint party this Heartland Weekend. Make it a date with your girlfriends, significant other, or even your coworkers.

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