Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee: Which to choose?

You'll ditch your iced coffee

As the Heartland heats up, you’re caffeinated mind is probably thinking iced coffee.

But before you make an order, you need to know that there are major differences between cold brew and iced coffee.

Heartland Weekend traveled to Dynamite Coffee to get the low down.

Here’s a quick summary:

 Cold Brew  Iced Coffee
Brewed cold, never heated Brewed like normal coffee
Creates a concentrate that is very caffeinated,
can be watered down
The hot coffee is simply
cooled down and poured over ice
Tastes less bitter and smoother Chemically different and thinner,
typically watery and bitter

Simply put, the biggest difference comes from the brewing.

Iced coffee is created like any regular hot coffee, and just cooled down so you can pour it over ice.

Cold brew, though, is steeped in water for at least 12 hours. To get that coffee flavor we know and love, and of course the caffeine, cold brew uses time rather than heat.

As for just how caffeinated it will be, that can depend. The more concentrate a coffee shop uses, the more off the walls you’ll bounce. Adding water to the brew will bring it down to a normal level.

So now you can make an educated decision the next time the Heartland heat has you craving for an iced coffee.