OPEN NOW: Rosati’s Pizza | Chicago-style pizza arrives in Cape Girardeau

Chicago-style pizza lovers rejoice!

There’s a new pizza place in town and it’s sure to delight your taste buds.

Chicago-style pizza (Source: Rosati's)
Rosati’s Pizza will soon open in Cape Girardeau.

Rosati’s Pizza is now open at 2136 William Street, Suite 119 in Cape Girardeau.

Jason Niswonger said he and his partners worked with members of the Rosati family to get the restaurant up and running.

All right guys. The moment you have all been waiting for. We will be opening for carryout delivery only on Tuesday…

Posted by Rosati's Pizza on Thursday, 18 April 2019

What’s Chicago-Style Pizza?

We’re talking about deep dish pizza! Rosati’s describes its signature dish as “pan-cooked, buttery crust that is smothered with cheese & chunky tomato sauce, then baked to perfection for over 40 minutes.”

You can also order it as a stuffed pizza.

But that’s not all. You can also get thin crust pizza, double dough, and gluten-free dough.

Family Tradition

An Italian immigrant from Italy, Ferdinand Rosati, opened a fine-dining Italian Restaurant on Coney Island in 1895.

A decade later, he moved to Chicago and opened another Italian restaurant.

According to the Rosati family, at the time, pizza was “strictly old-world Italian fare.” Ferdinand put tomato sauce on crisp bread and offered it to his customers who loved it!

Ferdinand’s son, Saverio, opened his own restaurant in 1927.

It soon became a favorite watering hole for the old Chicago society and politicians alike.

Al Capone reportedly frequented the restaurant!

The first Rosati’s Pizza opened its doors in a Chicago suburb in 1964 after Saverio retired.

His three sons moved to the suburbs and took a chance on opening a pizza place in Mount Prospect, Illinois.

Many of the family traditions remain today including not only homemade pizza dough made fresh each day, but also the sauce is from a secret family recipe that the family describes as “sweet, tangy, and flavorful.”

Not just pizza

But if pizza isn’t your thing, or you just aren’t in the mood for a slice of pie, Rosati’s has other Italian favorites on the menu.

They have all the kinds of pasta you crave including Chicken Parmigiana and fettuccine alfredo.

They also serve calzones, Italian beef sandwiches, and all kinds of sub sandwiches.

But wait! There’s more! You can also order Tiramisu and Cannoli for dessert!

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