$20.7 Billion: Valentine’s Day by the numbers

All you need is love!

valentines dayBut a little change in your pocket would be a nice addition this Valentine’s Day.

Lovesick shoppers are expected to shell out more than $20.7 billion in the name of Cupid this year, according to WalletHub’s 2019 Valentine’s Day survey.

That means Valentine’s Day is the third-largest consumer holiday in the U.S.

In fact, the average person will spend a total of $161.96 on Valentine’s Day.

Good news: Wallet Hub talked with experts about how to avoid dipping into the red this year.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget:

  • Cook a meal together. You’ll save money by cutting out an over-priced meal at a restaurant. And there’s something special about cooking together that brings couples together.
  • Write a thoughtful note. A manufactured card can’t fully express your true feelings. Put it all down in a hand-written note and put it in a special place.
  • Spend quality time together inside. Play a board game or watch a romantic. Most libraries will let you rent them for free. You could even go for a Valentine’s Day hike. Whatever you do, put away your phone and engage together.
  • Make a homemade gift. Ideas include: a photo album, a delicious dessert, a playlist, or a jar filled with little notes why you love them.
  • Do something service-oriented. Give your significant other a massage, offer to do a project for them, or serve them breakfast in bed.
  • Scale down. No one ever eats the entire box of chocolates. Instead, get one or two pieces of their favorite ones. And let’s be honest, a single rose will totally suffice.

Need an idea? CLICK HERE for a special guide to showering your significant other with love.

You could also celebrate your special someone a few days early!

Fred Hoyt, a business professor at Illinois Wesleyan University, suggests you send flowers where there’s the highest visibility, and the card should read, “You’re my Valentine, everyday!”

Ultimately, you don’t have to profess your love with the money you spend. Use your head to show your heart!

If you want to go out:

  • Try a romantic lunch instead of a higher priced dinner.
  • Dine early for specials and less-crowded restaurants.
  • Enjoy appetizers or desserts at a pricey eatery.
  • Look for discounts, coupons and promo codes online.


Source: WalletHub