Catapult’s ‘She iS’ Exhibit Now Available Online

An exhibition aimed at highlighting women and their experiences is now on display virtually.

The exhibition, hosted by Southeast’s Catapult Creative House, is called “She iS.”

Southeast Missouri State University student Maria Esswein put together the show.

It features the work of 25 artists who identify as female.

Each piece aims to capture various experiences of being a woman. Topics include age, ethnicity, gender, race, nationality, and more.

The exhibition features a diverse array of work: paintings, screenprints, embroidery work, sculptures, and more.

This approach allows the viewer to connect with some aspect of the exhibit without excluding one group of women. The artists represented are from the United States and Brazil.

The exhibition was originally supposed to be on display in the main gallery of Catapult in downtown Cape Girardeau on May 1.

However, the show was moved online due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

You can see each of the pieces from the comfort of your own home, and read a little about each artist’s story.

CLICK HERE to see the exhibition.