Busch Stadium updated with state-of-the-art lighting

A home-run upgrade

Good news for Cardinals fans!

This season it’ll feel like you’re watching America’s favorite past-time in extreme high-definition, thanks to a new lighting system at Busch Stadium.

The quality is a home-run.

“The quality of light is just going to be the best that has ever been seen in outdoor professional sports,” Joe Abernathy said, the vice president of facility planning and engineering. “That means the colors will look more red, the greens will look more green, fewer shadows.”

The lights shine at a level of 90 percent of the quality of natural light, making all the colors look true to life.

Abernathy said the upgrade will greatly improve the experience for fans and players alike.

Even better: you’ll even notice the difference when you’re watching the game at home.

You will no longer see any light flickering in ultra-slow motion replays.

“You’ll be able to count the stitches on the baseball,” Abernathy said.

The system is also HD compatible and 4K ready.

The Cardinals even stole a page right out of the Fox Theatre’s playbook, and made sure the system is capable of producing theatrical lighting effects and themes.

They plan to use the technology for programmed home run celebrations and other special events.

Thankfully for the Cardinals, the upgrade means they will also see a 60 percent reduction in the energy required to light the field.