Craft Beer and Girl Scout Cookies: A Combination Worth Trying

You might not expect it, but Girl Scout cookies and craft beer go hand in hand.

Imagine this: combining a glass of beer with the Girl Scout cookies you just bought.

Girl Scout CookiesChances are good your turning your head right now thinking those don’t go together.

But apparently it is something you’ll want to try.

Cask in Cape Girardeau is offering folks a chance to do just that in a special, complimentary tasting.

Let’s be clear though, we aren’t talking about pairing a glass of Coors Light with a Thin Mint. That would be nasty.

It’s craft beer – small batches of brew that might have caramel, coffee, or chocolate flavors in it.

“The flavor profiles can go as bitter as possible to the sweetest thing you could imagine,” Travis Tyson said, the general manager at Cask.

beer and girl scout cookiesTurns out Caramel Delites go perfectly with a malty ale and you can easily wash down a Thin Mint with a chocolate milk stout.

It all has to with the similarities in flavor.

That’s true for other deserts, as well.

“I like to see what is in the desert is and kind of know what the flavors of these craft beers are and kind of pick things that go together,” Tyson said.

The key: make sure there is a flavor in your craft beer that will bring out even more flavor in your favorite cookie or desert.

And of course, don’t knock it, until you try it.

“That’s the goal of our tastings is to introduce new things that people aren’t used to that add to their scope of what they would normally drink,” Tyson said.